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We provide intelligent AI-Driven insights to monitor IoT infrastructure health

dA - IoTi, the AI engine,

continuously monitors and analyzes the incoming data to provide Insights about the performance, health and maintenance needs of
Devices, Sensors, Batteries and more...

Our confidence comes from our success

We have built an AI-Driven solution for a leading Farm IoT company to have anytime access to the health and predictive maintenance insights of the IoT infrastructure that underpins the first all-in-one platform to manage irrigation, fertilization & yield.

Predictive Maintenance Insights

dA-IoTi monitors, provides insights on current health and provides predictive and prescriptive insights for preventive maintenance of devices that monitor and control the farm operations

Intuitive and context aware solution tailored for use on the go...

With IoTi-Score, computed dynamically and continuously, taking into consideration contextual information that is indicative of past and present conditions (reflective of both technical conditions and user sentiment) Ops team will be empowered to prioritize their tasks for higher customer satisfaction

Create Watch lists by pinning farms for targeted monitoring

Gateway Internet connectivity condition monitoring

Sensor connectivity monitoring

Battery SoC - Current & Forecasted

Mesh Conditions

Battery SoH & RUL

Battery Charging Status - Solar Panel Conditions

Sensor Battery Depletion Prediction

Sensor Hardware & Data Anomalies

Weather Station Performance

dA - IoTi can continuously assess data from IoT devices, sensors and batteries to ensure data used to make critical decisions are available and reliable

sh.. happens
dA - IoTi can alert even when you are not watching and in most cases alert you before it hits the fan...

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