dA-MD, our flagship product gives the what, when and how of usage related to machines. This results in performance prediction and condition based maintenance prediction

In critical Machines the cost of damage repair is much more than the cost of preventive maintenance

What do we do?

Based on the energy data, we measure the pulse of the machine, uncover context in which the machine operates and we analyse it to predic realtime device performance

These questions cover the exact ecosystem of the machine. dA-MD has the capability to take all these into account to give a comprehensive picture of the machine/device. The Real-time performance of the machine and upcoming maintenance requirements

How do we do it?

We use the power of data, data sciences and artificial intelligence algorithms to optimise costs

IoT Devices

Power characteristics and parameters are important indicators. Non-intrusive sensors are easily installable without requiring wiring

Unique Data Set

All machines do not work in the same Ecosystem. The same machine could perform very differently at different conditions

Machine's Pulse

dA MD uses electricity parameters and the context operation of machine to indicate the pulse of the machine and predict performance


dA MD Work Bench - A huge library of algorithms gives Day 0 insights. Remove the need for too many sensors. Reduces overheads. No extra sensors

Integrated Platform

dA MD is available in a variety of installations “ON Premises” with distributed and ability to stream in data from different equipment