Data analytics is just the start. Data Trusteeship is what it's all about.

We believe data analytics takes you only so far. What if, instead, you could transform leaden data into
valuable IP that gives you tangible, measurable advantage? We call that data alchemy at work.

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Improve sales

Our predictive analytics
patent pending dAScore engine scores leads to help
improve Sales, maximize ROI
on marketing spends, and
minimize inventory. Put it to
work for you.
Our Digital Campaign Optimization Analytics Framework allows you to optimize your marketing spend down to a creative and audience level.

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Analytics For You

Our team of data scientists, analysts and technologists work closely with you to understand your objectives on leveraging your data, extracting insights and helping build analytics based solutions for you. Be it
Consumer Analytics, or
Energy Analytics,
Ad Tech, or IOT, or Agriculture,
and Bio-Statistics
Our team will work with your Data to create IP and actionable insights and products/solutions for you.

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dAlchemy, founded by
experienced entrepreneurs and
technocrats from the
IT Industry also co-creates companies at whose core is data-driven analytics. With our reach in the US and India, we team up with you in all aspects of company co-creation, from strategy, fund-raising and execution and go the distance with you.

70% savings in energy costs. that's smart.

dAlchemy is a strategic development partner to a US based company with first-in-class sensor and analytics platform that provides smart energy solutions for commercial environments, saving customers up to 70% in energy costs, while improving the comfort of work-spaces and the productivity of the people who work in them. We have been very successful with automated anomaly detection and have helped improve power savings by understanding lighting sensor patterns and architecting a framework and building models for automated detection of sensor anomalies - a hitherto unsolved problem in sensors deployed in in commercial environments, on a massive scale.


We have worked closely with partners in the IOT space understanding the implications of the large data analytics and the signals and signatures of many different kinds of devices and systems that interact together. We have been able to deliver analytics based solutions to our partners combined with powerful visualization and central and edge analytics.


We have a unique understanding of Consumer Advertising Data having directly worked with TV Marketplaces and having been part of the creation of the Internet Advertising space from companies like Yahoo! and Amazon. We have a proven track record of working with companies to transform their offering with algorithms and consumer insights. We are also proficient in Ad-Tech.


We have built solutions based on visual data mining and visual search technologies. We have a strong background in information retrieval and text mining, and have successfully deployed search,classification and image search technologies for our customers.