Data analytics is out. Data Trusteeship is in.

We believe data analytics takes you only so far. What if, instead, you could transform leaden data into valuable IP that gives you tangible, measurable advantage? We call that data alchemy at work.

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Mission focused

We understand that your business is geared towards delivering value to your customers and you. Which is why we partner with you to give you expertise in data science and big data management. Teamed with this expertise, we aim to bring about positive social change and increased business success.

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Customized solutions

Business sense for us means business sense for you. We use our expertise to tailor analytical models and algorithms to custom fit your data and your business needs. In the process we grow. And so do you.

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Analytical applications

dAlchemy enables analytics-powered applications. We transform data to actionable intelligence, predict outcomes and prescribe ways to change results for favorable outcomes with intuitive applications that enhance well-understood business processes.

70% savings in energy costs. that's smart.

dAlchemy is a strategic development partner to a US based company with first-in-class sensor and analytics platform that provides smart energy solutions for commercial environments, saving customers up to 70% in energy costs, while improving the comfort of work-spaces and the productivity of the people who work in them. We have been very successful with automated anomaly detection and have helped improve power savings by understanding lighting sensor patterns and architecting a framework and building models for automated detection of sensor anomalies - a hitherto unsolved problem in sensors deployed in in commercial environments, on a massive scale.


We worked closely with the Stanford Bio Data Sciences Initiative (BDSI) to build Cloud Data architecture to manage their clinical, genomic and large volumes of temporal data, for research, archival and Big Data Processing. The architecture was reviewed and approved by the CIO’s office and other key Principal architects in Stanford.


dAlchemy also had strong relevant experience in Bio-Statistics and Bio-Analytics. The dAlchemy team have helped analyze, review and publish papers in the field of Gestational Diabetes. Our founders spent 18 months working with Dr. T.S Sridhar, a notable oncology researcher at the St. John’s Research Institute in Bangalore. The objective was to understand and develop a framework around a longitudinal study of Breast Cancer patients using MicroRNA, proteomics and ultimately, NextGen sequencing. As part of this effort, we built a search engine framework trained on cancer ontology to allow patients and caregivers to find research material and clinical trials relevant to that particular patient’s specific conditions. dAlchemy is part of a big data initiative with Genotypic, involving all stages of DNA data processing.